Milford Products

For 50 years, Milford has successfully designed, tested and manufactured its range of products to the highest possible standards. Originally started by John Milford Reese, the Milford name has become synonymous with Cargo Barriers, Tow Bars and Safety Nets. Always the innovator and leader, they hold a vast portfolio of Australian and International patents, designs and trademarks.


Milford’s commitment to quality and performance is second to none, and their philosophy of Tried, True and Tested has seen them accredited to the international standards of ISO9001 and ISO14001 along with the highest automotive standard of TS16949. They are also certified by the peak testing authority in Australia, the National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA). They also enjoy strong industry affiliations with the Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association (AAAA).
Today, they have grown to be a brand requested by the vast majority of premier vehicle fleets, enthusiasts and family drivers. As a result, they have the largest range of Vehicle Load Restraint (VLR) products worldwide with a range of more than 300 Cargo Barriers, Tow Bars, Cab Guards, Gear Safes and Safety Nets to suit all manner of Passenger, Light Commercial, 4WD and Sports Utility Vehicles. 
Testing to the most stringent performance standard in the world, Milford are committed to bringing you safe and proven products. As a result, they perform rigorous testing of all of their products and therefore maintain a significant investment in test equipment which includes drop testing on Cargo Barriers and dynamic testing of Tow Bars, where a reversing load of up to 6000kg is applied for more than 2 million cycles.
Milford also design, test and manufacture Cargo Barriers, Tow Bars and Safety Nets for major car companies whether for OE (Original Equipment) use or for distribution by their parts and Accessories divisions. They also develop specialty products for use in the Defence, Surveillance, Law, Mining and Mobility Sectors.